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I ordered the bamboo mattress cowl Foamex 10″ memory foam mattress as my husband was driving the last nail into our newly finished home. My husband builds eco-friendly publish and beam properties, and we wanted our furniture (sure, even our mattress) to mirror our love of nature. We're frugal by nature, and we really could not beat the value of this mattress. Moreover, with 4 younger daughters, we oknew we would want every little bit of restful sleep we could get. After many months of sleeping on this queen mattress, I can truthfully state that it more than delivers, and I'm sleeping soundly!

The Foamex 10" mattress is an effective purchase for the money aware purchaser, and it is made in the United States! Memory foam mattresses come in many various thicknesses and densities. By a common rule-of-thumb, one should never buy a foam mattress with less than three kilos of density. Memory foam means that: the froth will contour to your body. Anything less than 3 pounds of density may cause uncomfortable sleep periods. The Foamex 10" mattress offers a 4 pound density memory foam consolation layer to supply superior assist to the body's major pressure points. Research has shown that a higher density of froth affords cause folks to sweat at night. The 4 kilos of density offered by the Foamex is ideal.

An eight-10" mattress thickness is considered standard within the memory foam mattress industry. The Foamex mattress with bamboo cover presents a ten" thickness. I feel that is more than adequate. My past mattress (not a Foamex) was 14". I discovered it troublesome to suit customary sheets on it. I have no problems fitting a sheet on this mattress. Stick with 10-12" if possible.

Because Foamex uses pure plant-primarily based ingredients instead of petroleum merchandise, there will likely be a much less discoverable scent with this mattress. Indeed, I observed that the scent was much much less potent. My final foam mattresses smelled like chemical compounds for months!

The underside line: The Foamex mattress delivers in quality, and is eco-friendly. I love the best way this mattress supports my body. Additionalmore, when my husband rolls over at evening, I can not feel a thing. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this mattress is the bamboo lining that wicks moisture away from my body at night. Some memory foam mattresses are hot. This one is not. One other plus- my husband who has fought chronic back pain for years is sleeping with out ache medication. This mattress has been a life saver for my husband and me. On the time of this evaluation, I can not find one bad aspect of this mattress. Nevertheless, some individuals state that this mattress is warmer than a traditional mattress, however I find it's cooler than my previous memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses have come a long way since their inception years ago. My queen size mattress arrived at my doorstep wrapped in plastic. I unwrapped it, and I watched expand. In less than 24 hours, I was able to experience one of the best nights sleep that I have had in a protracted time.

Apparently, others really feel the same.

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